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Seattle Event - IMPORTANT Update!

Thursday, April 4, 2024


Welcome to our Weekly Digest! 🚀

Today's blog is a short, but important notice!

As mentioned in a past bean blog, we're excited to host a free session where we'll delve into essential bookkeeping resources to streamline real estate business operations.

We recently made a collective team decision to turn this in-person event to a WEBINAR! Woo hooo!

Since it will no longer be held in Seattle, you all can join us from the comfort of your home or office!

Register for the event here: Our Eventbrite Page!

What can you gain from this experience? Well....

Join us to...

  • Gain insights into the fundamentals of bookkeeping and financial management!

  • Make more informed business decisions based on accurate financial data!

  • Learn to identify and address potential financial risks within business!

  • Gain networking opportunities with other industry professionals, bookkeepers and CPAs!

  • Provide better service to your clients by providing financial insights!

  • Access free bookkeeping resources, such as educational material and software tool(s)!

  • Empowers oneself to take control of finances and business operations!

After you register, the webinar link will be sent to your email closer to the event's date!

Can't make the webinar but want to learn more about how we can help you? Book a free call with our bookkeeping expert, Corey below!

See you then!

🧡 the BeanLogix team


Get in touch! 🤙🏻

Our team members are experts in bookkeeping and payroll! Have any questions or concerns? Book a free chat with us below!


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