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Our Why!


The Originals - Kate, Corey, and Kayla

In our early days, we noticed a gap in support for small business owners. Oftentimes, these owners were faced with financial and administrative challenges but had difficulties finding a dependable source of help.

Recognizing this, we sought to be the reliable go-to person. At BeanLogix, our goal is to make it feel as if we’re an in-house accounting department. We’re about real help, for real people, on a regular basis. BeanLogix is here to lend a helping hand, ensuring that all our clients and small business owners can navigate their daily challenges with a bit more ease.

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Beanlogix was created to help you, the small business owner.  Watch here to learn Why!

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Karen McNally + BeanLogix Testimonial
Karen McNally + BeanLogix Testimonial
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Accounting Team for Small Businesses!
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Small business CPA partner!
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Small business banking partner!
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Sit back and enjoy the show!  Get to know us, our clients, and our partners a bit more.

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