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Happy Earth Day!

April 26, 2024


Welcome to our Weekly Digest! 🚀

In this week's short bean blog, we celebrate Earth Day!

Woot woot! Happy (belated) Earth Day! 🌎

Our BeanLogix team loves Mother Earth and we do our best to help her!

For example, we're a fully remote team! Did you know that working remotely has many environmental benefits?

⭐️ Reduced carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles -- working from home means less driving!

⭐️ Decreased air pollution -- Less driving, less vehicles = better air!

⭐️ Lowered energy consumption -- no need for an office building running electricity for 8 hours a day, every weekday!

⭐️ Reduced paper use -- as a remote team, BeanLogix does everything electronically from signing documents to financial reports, reducing paper use by a whole ton!

But! It's important to remember that Earth Day should be every day.

We need to take care of the world we're living on! So, what are some easy ways to help Earth? How else can we support our Earth's health?

Check out the official Earth Day website for some simple methods that we can perform daily!


Get in touch! 🤙🏻

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