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How many small businesses are in the US? - Jan. 25, 2024

Share of employees working at small businesses by state

Source of original data: Statistics of US Businesses (Census)


Welcome to our Weekly Digest!

For today's little snippet, we will look into some data about small businesses in the US!

Ever wonder about the amount of small businesses in the US? Well, according to's 2023 figure (pictured above), there's 33.3 million small businesses!

SBA (Small Business Administration) Office of Advocacy released their 2023 Small Business Profiles For The States, Territories, And Nation this pass November. The data covered in these profiles include the following:

  • How many small businesses are in my state?

  • How many people do small businesses employ?

  • How many jobs do they create?

  • How many establishments opened and closed?

  • What industries have the most small businesses?

  • What demographic groups own the most small businesses?

  • How much do small businesses export?

Besides the US, there is a data sheet for each of the 50 states. Although we don't have time to explore all the states, let's dive into where many of our clients are based, Michigan:

If you're interested in the other states, please go to to learn more!


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